Wholesale Food & Agriculture Markets are defined by
extreme Volatility, Variability and Obscurity

Vegetable Market Volatility Case Study

Fruit Market Volatility Case Study

Product Size Volatility & Variance Case Study

AGCHEQ Offers Transparency, Analysis & Forecasting
for Meat, Poultry, Fruit, Vegetable Markets

FORECAST PRICES & MARGINS Predict with precise cognitive & technical analysis
ANTICIPATE MARKET SWINGS Budget & Profit with accurate benchmarks
IMPROVE NEGOTIATIONS Get the best prices with daily market updates & forecasts
LEVERAGE INFORMATION Save time finding relevant information on demand

AGCHEQ Provides Patent-Pending Solutions
For the Entire Food & Agriculture Complex

Accurate Big Data

20,000+ Daily Price Updates

20 Years of USDA-Verified Daily Market Data

Reliable Price Benchmarks

Correlation Tested with USDA & BLS Records

Price Data from 1,000s of Producers, Wholesalers & Distributors Nationwide

Precise Index Solutions

Tailored Index, Menu & Harvest Planners

Comprehensive Products, Markets, Cuisines Indexes

AGCHEQ Platform Basics

20,000+ Daily Market Updates

Customizable Platform Displays

72 Technical Analysis Metrics

Accurate Cognitive Price Forecasting

All Prices Available in $/lb

Secure iOS & Android Mobile App

Custom Benchmark Analysis

AGCHEQ Markets


The AGCHEQ Team and Advisory Board are composed of Wall Street Veterans, Technology Experts and a former USDA Under Secretary of Agriculture.

The AGCHEQ Platform was engineered to solve the lack of price transparency encountered when working with New England Farmers and New York City Institutional Food Service and Retail buyers. The absence of useful market data and price benchmarks was a barrier to business efficiency.

AGCHEQ leverages next generation technology and the highest quality data. The AGCHEQ Platform provides the most accurate wholesale food price information available anywhere, contextualized with historical and technical analysis.

Leveraging live data and decades of historical data, AGCHEQ’s advanced neural network accurately forecasts price ranges up to 12 months into the future.

AGCHEQ democratizes data, empowering farmers, institutional buyers and financial professionals to predict prices and manage risk.